Our Story

Good taste starts with the relentless pursuit of achieving the highest quality products


Baladna is located north of the city of Doha and spreads over an area of 2.4 million sqm. with a capacity to house 24,000 cows. Baladna provides a comfortable and well-conditioned environment for the cows, allowing them to reach their production capacity comfortably


Our farms are designed to protect the cows from the large changes in climate and to provide each animal with sufficient space for their free movement, ensuring that they are not restricted to a narrow area or tight space


The milking process is done by a modern mechanism with milk quantity readers. In addition to a factory for filling of milk and the production of dairy and cheeses and certain types of sweets (Halawat Al-Jubn, Majuqh, Pudding, etc….)

Our Mission

To ensure consumers’ wellness providing the, natural, nutritious, and tasty food and beverage offerings while maintaining the most rigorous food safety and biosecurity protocols.

Our Vision

To be trusted by consumers as the company that offers the preferred food and beverage brands, growing in many markets through quality and innovation.

Our Values

At Baladna we strongly adhere to the following principles:

Supporting food security:

Ensuring the satisfaction of our customers and exceeding their expectation through our trademark.

Raising the level of veterinary care:

Promoting the profession and utilizing the expertise of the best veterinarians in the field of veterinary care.

Caring for our livestock:

Cooperating with experts in livestock breeding and production.

Purity and fresh products:

Providing high-quality food products by implementing best international practices to achieve excellence.

Adherence to Qatari traditional values:

Showing pride in our achievements, hospitality, and adhering to tradition, self-reliance and responsibility.

Our Team

Board of directors and management team

Baladna is managed by a team of world class professionals in every aspect of the business. Together, we have created an inspirational success story.



At Baladna, we celebrate the dreamers who make their own mark, and with good reason.

The people are our most important asset. Attracting the right people, training them and providing the resources they need to satisfy the requirements of a world-class food company, continues to be a major priority of Baladna.


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