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From ‘Grass to Glass’, a Model for Integration and Innovation
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Baladna provides 100% fresh products as you and your family's well-being is our priority.
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Giving back to the community is an important part of our traditions. Support the education sector in the country.
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Baladna celebrated Qatar National Day in 2021 by pledging to plant 5,000 trees in line with the nation’s efforts to reduce air pollutants and carbon dioxide emissions.

From ‘Grass to Glass,’ a model for integration and innovation

Recognizing the need to revamp global farming practices to meet the demands of an ever-growing population and address the challenges of climate change, Baladna has embraced an innovative farming model known as the "Grass to Glass" fully-integrated model. This model offers several advantages, particularly in terms of sustainability. It reduces reliance on imports, which in turn, enhances farming productivity and efficiency. With our new investments, we aim to revolutionize our operations. By minimizing waste, eliminating inefficient processes, and automating our daily production, we are committed to delivering the finest dairy and juice products in Qatar and beyond. 

Leading the Herd: Baladna’s Pursuit of Sustainability

Climate change and food security are growing concerns for countries around the world, and the global dairy production community is actively working to adopt more sustainable practices. In Qatar and the MENA region, Baladna is setting the gold standard for sustainable and fully integrated dairy farming, investing over $25 million in three new flagship sustainability initiatives. 

The multi-million-dollar investment program will transform the company’s operations and is part of our long-term commitment to decarbonizing Baladna’s processes by improving energy efficiency and reducing water usage.

Baladna is also leading integrated farming efforts in Qatar, having built a unique operating model that is now being sought after by other countries. To support food security measures and production in other countries, Baladna has been partnering with major companies and governments around the world, including those in Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Algeria.