Indulge in Baladna's creamy yoghurt, crafted from farm-fresh milk and rich in protein, sodium, calcium, vitamin A, and vitamin D3

Greek Honey Yoghurt

Greek Honey Yoghurt high fat from Pasteurized & Homogenized Cow’s milk, Min 8% Fat, Min 8.5% Milk Solid Non-Fat.

Available Sizes
1.5 g
  • Fresh Cow’s Milk
  • Bacterial Starter Culture
  • Stabilizers (E1422 and E440)
  • Honey Preparation (Water, Honey, Sugar, Modified starch, Stabilizers (E410, E440), Natural Honey Flavor, Lemon Juice Concentrate, Refined Palm Oil)
  • Cow’s Milk Fat

Keep refrigerated from 1 °C to5 °C.
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