Baladna participates in the one million tree initiative


Baladna has planted 5,000 native trees across its farm which covers an area of 2.6 million sqm. These trees bring food and shelter to wildlife and increase biodiversity. Planting woodland also increases the number of insects, birds, and mammals, and the diversity of flora. Beneficial insects are attracted to crops; these insects along with birds will eat pests, reducing the need for chemical pesticides. In addition to absorbing C02, they also reduce odor pollution and contribute to a more aesthetic environment.

Baladna donates compost for school vegetable gardens to teach children about where our food comes from. Compost generated from our operations is sold to local farmers and nurseries but also donated to local schools that use it on their gardens and allotments. Baladna also hosts schools at the farm to teach them about where Qatar’s milk comes from.


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