“Baladna IPO” supports the rise of the Qatar Stock Exchange in morning trading


Qatar’s bourse rose in morning trading on Sunday, after news that Doha-based Baladuna Animal Production Company had offered a portion of the capital for an initial public offering during the first half of this year.

The general index recorded a growth rate of 0.98% by 10:15 am to reach the level of 8225.18 points, gaining 89.32 points, against levels last Thursday.

The value of trading in the meantime, 83.7 million riyals, distributed over 5.5 million shares, the implementation of 1.3 thousand transactions.

The industry was the top gainer with a gain of 1.60%, with 7 stocks growing, led by the highest gainer of 4.04%.

The banks rose 0.60%; supported by the rise of a number of shares, most notably the national by 1.49%, and ignored the sector led the decline of the Gulf shares 1.56%.

On the other hand, the Insurance sector fell by 0.60%, mainly due to the decline of Qatar Insurance by 0.81%.

Al-Awwal was the top mover to the upside, soaring 2.28% of total trading activity at 2.7 million shares, with a turnover of SAR 18.3 million.


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