Awafi is a Baladna brand that focuses on delivering value to consumers, with a commitment to bringing everyday nutrition and affordability to people across Qatar


Savor the rich taste of Awafi's Full Fat Yoghurt, crafted for a wholesome and satisfying experience. A versatile and nutritious option for snacking, cooking, or baking

Full Fat Yogurt

Refresh your taste buds with Awafi Full Fat Laban, a nourishing and traditional Middle Eastern beverage. A perfect choice for a healthy and invigorating drink

Full Fat Laban

Quench your thirst with Awafi Ayran, a savory and tangy yoghurt-based beverage that pairs well with meals or stands alone as a revitalizing drink


Discover Awafi's delightful cheese offerings, including Shredded Pizza Cheese and White Cheese. Enhance your meals or enjoy these cheeses on their own for a tasty, nutritious treat

Shredded Pizza Cheese
White Cheese
Long Life Milk

Long Life Milk