900 tons of milk and juice production per day


Baladna said that the daily capacity of the milk and dairy products production lines reaches 700 tons in addition to 200 tons of natural juices, pointing out that the number of the company’s factories for the production of milk and milk products and natural juices is three advanced factories, in addition to a plastic factory that provides all the needs of «Baladna» Of packagings.

She added that it includes a building that is the largest of the company dedicated to the cows of the 40 cows, which can accommodate 24 thousand heads of cattle Holstein that were imported by air during the siege, where these sheds provide the appropriate atmosphere for these cows under the workforce trained to deal with all the details.

Baladna confirmed that in the coming years it will continue to strengthen Qatar’s entrepreneurial capabilities and provide a wide range of food products to the local market.

Since the blockade, the company said it has achieved remarkable growth over the past year and contributed to meeting the country’s needs for dairy products and locally produced beverages. It continued to introduce new products and recently started exporting to regional markets.

It has successfully redefined the concept of entrepreneurship and strengthened Qatar’s position on the world map, as a country that has responded to crises and has dealt with them with competence and success.

The company continues to support the efforts of the State of Qatar in its quest for self-sufficiency in food products, noting that it is keen to contribute to the realization of some of the main pillars of the Qatar National Vision 2030, which was designed to shape Qatar’s long-term goals and ambitions. This vision aims to transform Qatar’s economy into a knowledge-based economy by 2030, so that it is able to sustain its development and provide a high standard of living for its citizens. Baladna’s contributions to efforts to translate these pillars into reality have been greatly appreciated and admired.


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