Qatar: A new step towards self – sufficiency of dairy

13 March 2019

Baladna Food Industries announced the arrival of more than 3000 heads of cows to Qatar by sea through Hamad Port, in a further step to achieve self-sufficiency of dairy, despite the blockade imposed on Qatar since June 5 last.

The company said in a statement that this new batch from the United States reinforces Baladna’s efforts to achieve self-sufficiency in milk and cover the needs of the Qatari market for fresh milk and dairy products.

Two more cows are expected in May and November this year, the company said.

Our country currently has more than 4,000 Holstein cows that have been flown from the United States and Europe.

The company said in its statement that since the start of the blockade, Baladna Food Industries has strived to meet the local demand for fresh milk, and is expected to reach the stage of self-sufficiency in this regard by Ramadan this year.

“With the arrival of this batch of cows today and as we look forward to more of them in the coming months, we are taking important steps towards achieving our vision to support the Qatar National Food Security Program,” said Baladna Chairman Moataz Al-Khayat.

Baladna is currently preparing to go public on the Qatar Exchange, giving the company the ability to strengthen its product portfolio, invest in poultry and juice farms and produce fertilizers, the statement said.

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