IOFS visits Baladna to explore food security for member states

25 July 2021

The Peninsula
Doha: The Islamic Organization for Food Security (IOFS) recently visited Baladna, Qatar’s largest dairy and beverage producer, to explore how to ensure food security for its member states.

Director-General of IOFS, Yerlan Baidaulet, and Ambassador of Kazakhstan to Qatar H E Arman Issagaliyev toured Baladna’s 2.4 million sqm farm. The Baladna team showed the group around the milking parlour, restaurant, and three separate processing facilities. The group discussed the expertise and technical know-how related to sustainable agriculture, rural development, and farming technology which could help member states ensure food security.

They considered the challenges of ensuring efficient milk production and climate challenges. Baladna installed milking machines that worked 24 hours a day, an automated system for collecting manure, and advanced ventilation systems to keep cows cool. This year, Baladna is investing in crop farming as part of the group’s backward integration strategy to become the producer of many raw materials used for Baladna’s goods. Baladna is working with the Federal Land Consolidation and Rehabilitation Authority (FELCRA) to help Malaysia achieve self-sufficiency in fresh milk.

Commenting after the visit, Managing Director Ramez Al-Khayyat said, “Baladna played a pivotal role in Qatar’s journey to safeguard food security. I feel confident that our collective experience in achieving dairy self-sufficiency in a difficult environment will be valuable to the member countries of the Islamic Organization of Food Security.”

Ambassador of Kazakhstan to Qatar said, “I can say with all confidence that Baladna is one of the unique projects implemented in Qatar. The most important thing is that thanks to this project, the State was able not only to ensure its food security but also to reach a level where the company is ready to become a transnational enterprise, exporting high-quality and in-demand products to foreign markets.”

“Separately, I would like to note that most of the processes of Baladna are fully automated and thought-out to the smallest detail. At the same time, the most comfortable conditions for animals are created. The main priority for Kazakhstan is also ensuring food security and the development of high-quality, competitive, export-oriented products, and therefore we are very interested in cooperating with Baladna,” he added.

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