Mohammed Badr Al Sada

Vice Chairman

Mr. Mohamed Badr Al Sada holds an engineering degree from the University of Arizona. He had worked in different sectors like Oil & Gas, Investments, and Telecom. Then he recently moved to the food sector, where he became the CEO of Hassad Food, which is owned by Qatar Investment Authority and which invests only in the food sector.

Mr. Al Sada is currently working in the capacity of Chief Executive Officer of Hassad Food since June 2017. Prior to that, Mr. Al Sada served as the Chief Operating Officer in Vodafone Qatar and chief business development for the same company as well. Before that, he was working in one of the senior roles in Qatar Investment Authority. He also started his career as an engineer for one of the major companies in the gas sector in Qatar where he had to spend two years in Japan during the development of this project (Dolphin Energy).

Mr. Al Sada serves on the boards of several companies. Currently, he is Chairman of Widam Food Company QSC and Deputy of Chairman of International Sea Food Company (SAOC) and a board member of Arab Qatari for Poultry Production QSC (Al Waha), Qatar Development Bank (QDB), and Arab Co for Livestock Development (ACOLID).