Baladna is listed for trading in Qatar Exchange

11 December 2019

Today, the shares of “Baladna” were listed on the Qatar Exchange for trading, bringing the number of companies listed on the market to 47 Qatari public shareholding companies. Management of the company “Baladna”.

The shares of “Baladna” were listed under the symbol “BLDN” in the services and consumer goods sector, where the share price was floated on the first trading day, and the price was opened for 1.02 riyals and the price of the last deal was 1.00 riyals, and its highest price during the trading session was 1.07 SAR, and its lowest price is 0.99 riyals and will be allowed from tomorrow, to fluctuate price by 10% up and down, like other companies listed in the market.

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