After two years of siege .. How Qatar achieved self-sufficiency of dairy products?

2 June 2019

Nepali Prime Bahadur is walking around 40 cows in the factories of Baladna, the largest dairy project in Qatar, which began work after the blockade two years ago.

Bahadur, who joined the Baladna team as a barn supervisor, considers that throughout his 15-year career, he has not seen a volume of work carried out so quickly and neatly. For dairy in the area.

He tells the story of the success of this project after he had no more than four thousand cows in his sheds, and then turn things around and start working hands spread all over the company to receive “Baladna” within a few weeks .

Bahadur and his colleagues did not expect this great success achieved by the company during that period to overcome all the difficulties faced by the project, both environmental and climatic difficulties and provide the conditions suitable for these cows according to the temperature or medical attention and feed appropriate to them.

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