Baladna obtained the highest standard for food safety and quality management systems

11 June 2019

Following its success in contributing to the country’s self-sufficiency in fresh milk early this month, Baladna Food Industries, the largest local producer of fresh dairy products in Qatar, announced yesterday the certification of the Food Safety Management System (ISO 22000: 2005) during a small ceremony. Yesterday at the farm «our country». The certification is the highest standard in the world for food safety and quality management systems and is accredited by the Global Food Safety Initiative. With this new certificate, the company and its farms produce milk and dairy products in terms of quality, safety and safety of their milk and dairy products in the region and the world. Baladna played a role that experts and officials consider to be one of the most important roles in breaking the siege under the leadership of businessman Moataz Al-Khayat, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the International Power Holding Group, which owns our country. With the start of the blockade of the State of Qatar, and in view of the sudden restrictions on the arrival of goods and trade, The Qatari market is specific to the fields of milk and dairy products and is a vital food, but the result is now one year after the crisis erupted.

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